Allow admin to choose format for Timeline quick view and CSM inline updating

  • 24 February 2021
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We are using Timeline to track out time. We would like the ability as an Admin to modify what is visible when looking at the list of all the timeline entries for an account (see picture below). We would also like the ability to modify specific items without having to open up the entire Timeline entry. An example of this would be the amount of time we spend on each timeline entry (see picture below).


2 replies

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@andrew_cummins Thanks for posting the request here. We are working on the possibilities to bring the best in this area. I will once again confirm with the product team and get back to you on this. Thanks!!

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Hi @andrew_cummins Thanks for posting your idea here. I liked the idea, we will add it to our road- map. But ETA is not yet decided.
We do have other timeline enhancements coming near term