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Allow ability to relabel fields anywhere in GS

  • 30 March 2016
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In Reports 2.0, we have the ability to relabel fields we put in the Show field to something more meaningful (i.e. Count of Call to Action ID can be renamed to Total CTAs to display on a report).

We have run into a situation where it would be really handy to re-label fields that display on C360 Summary or Attribute tabs for example, without changing the actual field name.  That way we would not need to change the underlying rules, powerlists that depend upon that specific field, but display the field with a different label elsewhere within Gainsight.

2 replies

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You should be able to modify the labels of fields added to 360 attributes section. While it is not possible to re-label fields and widgets added to summary, we will provide this ability soon and also review in general where similar relabelling can be applied.  
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Awesome thanks Sidhu!