Admin: Allow Usage Measures to pull from MDA table

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We've worked with support over the last few months in troubleshooting rule timeouts that ultimately led to uncovering a limitation where (if I recall correctly) querying a large number of records fails because Salesforce has a 2 minute timeout limit on queries.  This requires us to split rules out into segmented multiples (for the same rule) so that we can parse through all the records without incurring the timeout.  

There were also concerns about how much space it takes up on the Salesforce backend to capture the data in an SFDC object.

It was suggested to us from GS that we should move the Usage Data into MDA where no timeout exists.  Discussing further though revealed that moving to MDA would render the Usage widget on the Customer360 useless and we would have to create multiple reports to try and emulate that functionality.  It also revealed that if we want to use the trending over time capabilities of Scorecard, we have to continue using Usage Data table in Salesforce because that is from where the Usage Measures are pulled.  Also, in order to use Calculated Fields in a rule, it needs to exist as a Number field in Usage Measures (?).  

If we opted to pull out everything except Scorecard from Usage Data, the space issue is also negated because apparently once a row is created, the space is allocated anyway (?).  

Assuming all of the above to be true, this request is to enable Usage Measures to be pulled from an MDA table directly so that we can move all Usage Data to MDA without jumping through too many hoops and workarounds to get there.

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HiJeff, we have received feature requests, similar to your, from multiple customers. We have created some UI design mockup to allow getting and displaying usage measures from MDA objects.  

Would check your availability in separate email thread to validate the approach tomorrow (May 24, 2016).


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Has there been any update to this Ajit?  Our Usage Data is growing exponentially and presenting us with a number of challenges since it lives in SFDC.  Would love to get this moved to MDA soon.
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Jeff -
We are designing this capability now.  Since a key item we want to replicate (and improve) is the Usage Widget - some guidance on areas that you love or features you would like to see available in a similar widget?

We have considered things like:  Date Range selection, measure selection, seeing milestones as a few of the top must haves.  Are there others?
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I am out of office recovering from surgery and will have to think on this when I get back.  I will say it needs to be easier to manage what measures are available to be selected on the Usage Adoption tool.  As I recall if we needed to relabel or remove an item no longer being used we could not do that within administration without jumping through SFDC hoops.   

From over a year ago:
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Is it a true statement that you can't use "Calculated Fields" in the rules engine unless the data source is the Usage Data object?  I've been scouring the help forums for days trying to find an answer, and this is the first post that made mention of it (last sentence of the 3rd paragraph of the opening post). Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
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You can use other objects besides the Usage Data object to create calculated fields.  I've attached a photo of the Account object as the source and the calculated field being present.  The only caveat is that calculated fields are not available at the Relationship level, but as long as your rule is at the Account level, you should be set.

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Thanks for the helpful reply Scott.  I actually just submitted a separate post with more details about what we're trying to do, and where we are stuck :  Any help would be appreciated.