Admin Ability: More options to configure GS Alerts

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We have more and more needs for non-CTA “Alerts” to our users and the current mechanism is not scalable to have CSM’s required to click “follow” on each of their accounts.

Could we find a way to mass enable “notifications” for CSM’s and auto-follow the accounts they are assigned to? 

tl:dr More admin control of notification settings for users and ability to mass “follow” accounts based on assignment to make notifications more relevant and useful

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YUP! Speaking as an admin that just brought in over 100 users in the last 4 months - This would have been huge. No matter the length of detailed email instructions I still spent way to much time on this very task. By Profile, By Account Assigned Fields (CSM, OWNER, Renewal Manager etc) or at least at the user level where an admin can just go assist the end user.


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FYI I have a similar request about bulk notifications. Might be useful for them to be considered together 


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Hello All,
we are planning to add some  enhancements to notifications, i have noted this. I will keep you posted about the updates.