Additional Reporting on Gainsight Assist Email Sends

  • 18 May 2021
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Our team LOVES using the Gainsight Assist extension, but we’ve run into frequent cases where we’re really like more reporting capabilities to understand HOW our teams are using it….specifically, which email templates they are using most often (or using at all). We frequently have initiatives where we don’t want to trigger CTAs for every account/solution, but make templates available for our teams to send via Gainsight Assist as needed without going through the process of creating a CTA. 

2 replies

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@katie_b than’s great to hear from you about the usage of Gainsight Assist extension. Its a valid ask, we will discuss internally and get back to you on this. 

@All, please up-vote here to show your interest on this use-case. 

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Hello @katie_b 

We are releasing new platform for email assist which will allow you to send email from any module of Gainsight. For now we will release this capability for timeline and cockpit followed by c360. When we release for C360 your use case will be solved.