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Add rich text field to activity type

  • 18 June 2021
  • 2 replies

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To capture answers to specific recurrent questions, I'd like to add a rich text field (such as the notes section) to the Meeting activity type. Currently, I can add a customer text field, but it is very small to capture longer responses.

2 replies

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@Jef Vanlaer any specific use case why the notes section rich text area won’t work and you need an extra field?

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@Chirag There's a specific question on customer priorities we would like our CSM's to ask in as many meetings as possible. To easily capture responses to this question (which can be quite long) and report on them, it seemed most suitable to create an additional field on the Meeting activity (I actually created a new activity as this question is only relevant for one of our Relationship types).

Capturing the replies to this question in the notes section as part of the meeting notes would not provide a way to get an easy overview of the replies to this question over, e.g., the last 3 months.