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Add quantity of entries next to TIMELINE header

  • 5 April 2017
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My team, who deals in high volume account management, requested the following: 

I think it would be beneficial to add in a count next to "TIMELINE" view showing how many entries have been made.  I find myself not utilizing the timeline view as much as the detail view since my notes would be in separate places and I would have to check both tabs each time I access an account which isn't tough, but it does take extra time when you're looking at 200 accounts.  

Basically if there were a parenthesis with the number of activities logged in there, this would give me a hint that I should check their timeline view out since there's notes in there.  

1 reply

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This is a fantastic suggestion, Melissa! We'll discuss internally and take up as soon as possible. Might also make sense to have some alerts/notifications tied into this, so that you don't even have to get into the 360 to find out if any new notes have been added there.