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Add CTAs for all survey question types

After working with support, it seems we can only create CTAs based on certain question types. We were trying to add a CTA based on a rating of less than 4 stars using the Rating question in a survey and were surprised this was not possible.

It would be great to be able to call a CTA on all survey question types, especially ratings. The only workaround is to use NPS, which we'd like to avoid. 

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I have not checked this but have you tried using the rules engine instead of the built in CTAs for surveys?
I haven't investigated this yet, but can you use the rules engine to trigger off of survey results? Do you know, by any chance, what objects are updated when a survey is returned that we could base the CTA off of? I haven't seen a clean survey hook in the Rules Engine, as far as I can recall.
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So there is no clear object as the surveys use multiple objects. If it is an NPS question you would use the NPSSurveyResponse object. If it is not an NPS question you would use the Survey User Answer object, BUT I just checked that object and there is no Account ID. So you would not be able to create a rule. You can't even use MDA joined tables because you can't use rules to write to MDA tables without an account ID. I'm sorry Justin but I really can't think of anyway this is doable at this time other than workflow rules in SF and some fancy dev work using the data in SF (I can pull a report in SF off Gainsight Objects that give me what you are looking for to then trigger off). I do know that the Survey team at Gainsight is reviewing this and making improvements for user stories just like this one 🙂
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Hi Justin,
Currently we do not have ability to Create CTA based on star rating, it will be good to add feature. I will certainly add it to Product Roadmap.
We are also working on Multi-level lookup/Joins so that you can create rules on any type of question, this feature should be tentatively available in Q2 Release -2016. I will update this thread with release date soon.
Yes, even if I had the ability to look up Account ID from an object nested a few levels deep, I would be able to solve this myself. 

Thank you for the reply. 
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Hey Praneet,

Any updates on the ability to create CTA on star rating?'s been a while 🙂