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Add ability to monitor for and insert values into picklist field that are not available in the picklist

  • 9 December 2016
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Sometimes automation, or dataloading is used to insert values into picklist fields that do not exist in the picklist field. It would be useful to have the ability to monitor for and insert values into picklist fields that do not exit there by adding the option to write in when reading from, or writing to a picklist instead of just being able to select one of the available picklist options.

5 replies

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Will - Had a discussion with the team on this. We feel that this might get tricky when there is a data issue or configuration issue the picklist might get bloated with Junk values and make this tedious to clean up.
We need to build some more sophistication on the limits / controls  before we allow this feature in Rules Engine.
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We are running into this with our Industry field in Salesforce constantly having new values being added to it that are not matched in Gainsight. While yes, some control would be great, please give us the option to determine that as admins. Right now we have entire records not updating with data from Salesforce via the Connector due to this issue. I want the ability for Gainsight to autodetect and add new values so we’re not constantly having to do this manually. 

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Part of the monitor could use picklist field ID’s to find unmatched between the two systems.  I believe this is doable from a hypothetical perspective as we have implemented this “unmatched” logic for duplicate account issues based on our underlying system “challenges” and were able to rapidly move invalid accounts to inactive status.

You would need the ability to sync/store the id value in GS as well.

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I think this is would also need to be solved if GS wants to move to a more universal bidirectional sync anyways. It would certainly cut down on headaches between SFDC and GS admin teams as field values update and change.


Shameless plug for character parity in picklist values, which can also be a failure cause between systems 


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