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Activities should be posted at the parent level

  • 5 September 2019
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Movement within the Hierarchy - In some cases it may be more approrpriate to log certain activities at a child and in others at a parent. Since email to timeline automatically posts to where a contact is found, there are situations where contacts are assigned at a customer level when they really should be assigned at the parent level (and therefore the activities should be posted at the parent level).

3 replies

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@mhoangws Fyi..

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@mhoangws We have a plan to build a Gmail and Outlook plug-in using this you can select the customer while forwarding the email to timeline.

Thanks for bringing this up!!!

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Adding to this, the Inbound Email Settings should be controllable at the admin level and configured for a default of “Log Emails to Company”. Most of my end-users utilize Gainsight at the Account level so rolling out the Outlook plug-in required a communication to change their settings from logging emails at the Relationship level to logging emails at the Company level.