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Action Icon Should Work in Lightning

  • 5 August 2020
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Currently, if users are in the Lightning experience GS has implemented a security limitation where the action icon on the reports in C360 that would normally redirect to the SFDC page do not work. Our CSMs are constantly receiving an error on permissions. This last week alone I have received 3 tickets from CSMs on the issue.

This should work seamlessly regardless of if the user is in Classic or Lightning mode. I am told by support we need to add another permission to the users "ExportChurnAlertsDashbord" or  “Gainsight Admin”. We are working to see if the "ExportChurnAlertsDashbord" will work, but you cannot give everyone Admin rights.

To visually understand, Lightning for us is when the SFDC banner is still present. We have locked down toggling back to Classic. Classic view in GS for us currently is when the end user does not have the SFDC banner present, but that is very inconvenient for users. CSMs are often between SFDC and Gainsight throughout the day.


We should not have to add more permissions for users to redirect from GS to SFDC while in Lightning mode

1 reply

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@andreammelde sorry for the inconvenience.I have created a support ticket on this. Our team will get back to you on this. Thanks for bringing this up here.