Account Scorecard 2.0 Request

  • 12 October 2016
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I have had quite a few customers give me the following use case as an enhancement for Account Scorecard 2.0. 

Use Case: Customer has a natural lifecycle with their customers around certain things like usage data and support tickets.

For example, usage data for an app development company might be very low in the beginning as they are building out the app, but that naturally rises as they roll the apps out. Support tickets are the primary indicator of health in that stage. As usage data naturally rises, things like # of support cases becomes less of an indicator overall health. 

Ask: The customer would like to be able to weight the scorecard based on (for example) something like Stage. This would allow them to be able to track the things that are important about their customers, but at the right time they need to track it. 

Shoot me a note with any questions about this. 

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