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Access issue when NXT tenant is switched to new or different tenant.

  • 7 November 2019
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As per the NXT design, we consider username as the unique identifier by default in the SFDC connector job. Now -

1. Create a salesforce connection in Gainsight and complete the user Sync. This will create the user 1 in Gainsight.
2. Connect Gainsight to another environment/sandbox with similar data this will create another User 2 in Gainsight.
3. Now since there are 2 users with same Id.
4. Make User 1 as inactive and assign all the permissions to User 2.
5. User 2 in salesforce will see a blank screen.
Workaround is to deactivate the User 2 and assign the right permission for User 1.

This is not acceptable approach and would need a feature enhancement for the current functionality. 



3 replies

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Switched to an Idea post.

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@shiv_kumar_katiyar ,


In the case you’ve laid out, the recommendation to pick something as the identifier which is common across both Salesforce instances (like Email). Would that work? How else would you want this situation to be handled?




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Using the email address would be much easier. In SFDC Sandbox refreshes, it creates an identical user each time you refresh. I’ve worked with some customers who are required to refresh their SFDC sandboxes every quarter for compliance and security reasons. We had already created 3 identical users during implementation and they will be creating 4 new identical users each year. Not great for data cleanliness.