Able to Sync the Custom object from the HubSpot to Gainsight via HubSpot Connector

  • 4 February 2021
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Hi Team,

As per this doc we can create a custom Job to sync the data from the Other HubSpot objects to Gainsight. However, we were only able to view only attached Objects in the connection.

But we have a request from few clients stating that they want to Sync the data from the Custom HubSpot objects to Gainsight Custom Object.

8 replies

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@SKondreddy Thanks for bringing this up! I will check the possibilities and get back to you here. 

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Hi @SKondreddy. We have acknowledged your request. We will need some time to analyze the effort and priority of this request before we can pick it up. We will let you know once we have some updates. Thanks!

Hey Team, has there been any update in regarding to syncing Hubspot custom data (specifically, Activities: Calls, emails, meetings etc) into Gainsight? 

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Hey @CalvinC, sorry about the delay in following up on this post. Sending this to the Product Manager to look into and get back to you with an update at the earliest.

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This is something in our backlog but not prioritised so far. It would be great if we have more votes (only 2 votes so far) on this request so that we can move it up on the priority list.

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Since all of the objects are not available, is there a workaround or another way to bring in other objects from Hubspot?

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We have this prioritised in our short term roadmap. The exact release date will be communicated soon. @gschardan , meanwhile you could try the S3 connector route to fetch the data from those custom objects into Gainsight 

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@Ritesh Sharma Thank you for providing another option. I appreciate the help