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Ability to use User ID as the Upsert Key for User sync via Connectors 2.0

  • 9 June 2021
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Currently, in Connectors 2.0 for our User Sync job the upsert key box for User Id is grayed out and we are forced to select another option. Our Salesforce team uses firstname.lastname for user names and emails are firstname.lastname as well….so anytime someone gets married, we get a duplicate user in Gainsight. We’d like the option to use the User ID as the upsert key, so any name changes would flow through seamlessly.

4 replies

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@katie_b We are looking into various scenarios for fixing this issue. We will keep you updated.

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@soumitrasahu Yes, I’ll message you the individual user’s info.

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@katie_b could you be able to give us an example of this issue?

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@katie_b Thank you for sharing the use-case. I am not sure about the road-map on this, I will confirm and get back to you, but please expect a delay responseon this request.