Ability to summarize a timeline activity notes

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I think it would be helpful to quickly summarize our timeline notes to a few distinct points.  When taking notes on a call, we may have the tendency to write everything that is discussed.

However, once the call is complete, quickly distinguishing what the highlights of the call are would be helpful.

In my mind, I see this looking like this.  I can highlight certain text threads, and click a button to mark it as a highlight.  Then as I’m glancing through  a long list of timeline activities, I can quickly see the high level summary, and expand the activity to see more detail.

Additionally, if I could highlight text threads and click a button to assign a task to it.  This would eliminate the need for me to take a note, and then repeat the process while creating a task.  Simply highlighting, and marking it as a task would save key strokes.

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@LoLock thank you for sharing your request here. will discuss on this with the product team and get back to you. 

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Thanks @sai_ram!  To clarify, it doesn’t necessarily need to function the way I described - I’m open to alternative ideas. 

But the overall concept of being able to quickly identify bullet points that make up a summary view of the call, and/or quickly assign bullet points as a task (without having to re-enter them below) would be valuable.

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@LoLock Thanks for sharing your feedback. To help you take notes during a call instead of opening a blank slate where currently you capture everything, we are planning to support Timeline Note Templates. These templates will give you a direction on what to capture, etc. 
I like the highlighting part and then allowing the user to create a task. I’ll look into the possibilities of adding this feature and will keep you updated about the status.

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@Chirag I like the idea of templates.  I hope they will allow for customization by our Admin’s?  

That being said, I would still like for the ability to have a summarized view in some way.  Maybe the template could have a summary section that is visible at first glance in timeline activity, then we can expand for details.

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@LoLock yes admins can create/modify templates.
Regarding the summary view, we don’t have an immediate plan to support this.