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Ability to set the C360 Section layout based off of a picklist field

  • 29 November 2016
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When trying to set the C360 section layouts, picklist fields are not available. This prevents us from being able to set the C360 section based on the product as the customer can have multiple products. This is a must have to be able to use this function and is a big gap currently. 

An alternative would be to leverage the "Products/Features" GS object as well for setting the layouts. 

4 replies

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Hi Samantha,

We have support for text/picklist(single value)/record type on account/customer info and user attributes. We have not introduced the support for multi select picklist for the first version since we did not have any use case. We will definitely consider this and prioritize this use case.

Meanwhile, as a workaround is it possible for you to convert the product based picklist to a single value picklist ( create a rule and populate this as part of customer info) which could help you use the multiple layouts feature?


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Hi Abhishek, 

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, we can not make that change as our customers do have multiple products on a single account. We attempted a single value pick-list previously and the only product selected would be whichever rule ran last.  
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Hi Samantha,

Have a few follow-up questions, just so I understand the use-case properly: 
  • Do you want to build a layout for every Product or just Product Families (Analytics vs. Fulfillment, for example)?
  • In cases where multiple Products/Product Families are allocated, how would we decide which layout applies? Is there a notion of a primary Product? Or is it more like if they have Product-A only, assign layout-1; and if they have Product-A [i]and Product-B, assign layout-2?
  • Lastly, how would the layouts differ -- just one or two sections, or a wider variation? Is there any Product/Product Family level ownership or CSM assignment and relationship management?
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Hi Manu,

We would need to create layouts for different product combinations. We have 2-3 additional sections per product so being able to remove those that don't apply to a customer could remove up to 6 sections within the C360.