Ability to Set "Milestone Enabled" field on Call to Action Object Automatically

  • 5 September 2017
  • 2 replies

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Customer is trying to use a rule to set the "Milestone Enabled" field to "True". I know there is a limitation in which you cant load to GS objects using rules engine and that would be our preferred way of setting this automatically. 

2 replies

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We have the ability to populate additional fields when creating CTAs (part of the RE action), but doesn't look like 'Milestone Enabled' is editable. Perhaps there are code dependencies, but worth looking into.


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Hi Steve,

Adding to Manu's point, the fields that are Shipped by GS are not editable either in Rules or CTA Layouts.

Can you explain us the Exact Use-case of what you are trying to achieve, are there any particular criteria or CTA type, for which you would like to enable milestone?