Ability to select Timline Activity Type when logging to Timeline via Gainsight Assist

  • 5 August 2020
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Our CS team is LOVING the new Gainsight Assist Chrome Extension, but we have 1 major request that would take it to the next level. Currently, all emails Logged to Timeline show up as an ‘Email’ activity type. In most cases this may make sense, but we have a few situations where we’d like to be able to select the activity type the email should be logged to.

One specific example is our team’s focus on Strategic Engagements with their customers. Currently, if they have a strategic conversation they are sending a follow up/recap email via Gainsight Assist that is being logged as an email. To ‘get credit’ and accurately report on our strategic engagements, they are then copy/pasting the recap into a new Strategic Engagement timeline activity and logging that via Global Timeline or the C360. It would save a lot of time if while sending their recap email they could select a drop down to log the recap as a strategic engagement instead of a generic email.

8 replies

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Love it. That’s a great product idea!


+1 from me. 

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Thanks. @katie_b  @jean.nairon for your inputs. We have plan to introduce the activity type in upcoming roadmap. I will keep you posted once it is available.


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@chethana  this is exactly what we are looking for here! Not all emails should be considered “email” activity type. Would be more useful to be able to categorize it as any activity type. 

needing to change the category after the fact defeats the purpose of the “ease” this great feature offers.

Any update on when this will make its way? Thanks!

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Hello @Erseburse 
We have this planned as part of medium term roadmap,I will update on ETA .

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@chethana  - looking forward to it!

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@chethana  - I just had a CSM reach out to me on this and thought I would check in to see if any decisions have been made on ETA?

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Hello @Erseburse 

I don’t have ETA yet, i will definitely share once i have that info.

We rolled out GS NXT in July, still very much working on CSM adoption. This issue has been called out as a blocker to daily use. Much communication occurs via email at this point of remote workers. I am very much interested in knowing the ETA for this planned GS Assist enhancement (select your activity type after selecting account) or Gainsight feature that allows user to edit the activity type of an email posted to timeline. Thanks!