Ability to see CTA Close date (and other status changes)

  • 22 June 2015
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When viewing CTA's, you can see the Created Date; but I am not seeing any way to see the dates of other status changes or activity. Most obvious one is Closed Date - it would be extremely helpful for CSD and Admin to be able to see the date a CTA was closed to understand the history of the CTA. Maybe I'm missing something obvious? 🙂

3 replies

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Good idea - it could be listed right next to the 'created date' on a CTA.  This would be useful to manage minimizing a 'Days overdue' metric...
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We will try to add them in future enhancements.Point Noted
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JD, Luis - Since the entire CTA layout is now configurable, it's easy to bring all these date fields into the Cockpit view. Would this work for your teams?