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Ability to search by tasks within Success Plans

  • 21 February 2019
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CSMs would like to have a way to search within their Success Plan Objectives, Tasks. We have the drop down for Objectives but the ability to search on tasks is not availble. Is this something that can be enhanced?

3 replies

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Hi Amanda,

Thanks for sharing this. How big are your success plans generally ? You can search on the objective name today but not on tasks. One workaround might be to exapand all tasks (using the expand all option)...and use the browse search. Would that be viable in your case?

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Hi Aditya

Success Plans can be pretty long sometimes depending on our engageemnt with the cusotmer somcetimes as long as 9 months mostly 6 months, and it would be nice if we could sort the same way as objecyives where we can filter on status. We will use your suggestion above as I beleive this will work for now.

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I tried this and unfritunately the solution you provided does not provide a good way to filter based on tasks ONLY, can we please put this on the enhancement list? If we can have a drop down for Tasks similar to Objectives, that would be ideal...thank you