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Ability to Move Timeline Activities Across Accounts

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There are instances where a CSM enters a timeline activity to an account, but it was added to the wrong account and needs to move to another account. There's currently no way to copy or move an activity to another account. The CSM has to re-enter information on the correct account, and this can be a lot of manual re-entry that would be more efficient if a "copy to" or "move to" functionality existed.

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+1 to needing this functionality. Our CSMs have been seeing several instances of timeline activities being logged to the incorrect account from the Gainsight Assist extension and it has been time consuming for them to manually delete and re-enter their activities.

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Hey @timellis, great to know that you are looking forward to this enhancement and thank you for your post. We will have our Product Manager look into this post and give you a clear answer and roadmap to this. 

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@timellis This is in our roadmap. It may not be in a short term as this may involve changes in the data model.

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@timellis Yes, this is part of our roadmap. We will update once we plan to ship it.

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@timellis Yes, this is in our roadmap but because of other high priority items we haven’t been able to take it up.

This is needed and in the process, can we please enable rules engine to write to activity timeline? Would help migrate activities over to accounts and also batch create activities, for example when a group of people attend a specific product related meeting or such. 

Would be great to also be able to do this from the general timeline (as opposed to the company or company > CTA or scorecard etc.) timeline, to be able to reassign the entry to the right company from there.

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We run into this with the BCC to Timeline and the Google Chrome plug-in. We have an internal account with some internal contacts associated to it. If the bcc does not recognize the external contacts, it defaults to our internal account.


This causes issues bc there is not a notification that the timeline entry went to an account, and it does not allow the CSM to correct bc you are not able to change the Company on the account

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This just came up today with my CSMs after some account restructures. 

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This just came up today with my CSMs after some account restructures. 

@soumitrasahu do we have anything in the works that we can share?

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This would be GREAT to have.

In our case our CSMs work with partners (that also exist as company records in Gainsight) and it’s not uncommon for emails that should be logged in a customer timeline to get logged into the partner’s page. 

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@Bhawya could you pl take a look at this.