Ability to login Timeline into Success Plan/CTA

  • 26 February 2021
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Hi Team,


As of now we have an option log Timelines in Success Plan & CTA’s and we also have an option to log Timelines from Plugins. So customers request is to see a way where they can merge this two. Providing an ability to log Emails as Timeline under Success Plan/CTA .


The above might be little tedious so any of the below option of reparenting a Timeline will also help -

1) Ability to move a Timeline from an instance to another, like move from one Company to another or relationship to another relationship.

2)Ability to move a logged Timeline from C360 Timeline to Success Plan/CTA.


Just like feature Mass Edit of CTA’s/ Success Plan we can have Timeline Mass Edit to Edit or reparent Bulk Timelines at once.


Thank you!!

3 replies

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@prathap Thanks for bringing this up! Sharing this with the product team for more visibility.

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Hi @prathap 
Timeline mass edit tool is still on our roadmap but ETA is not yet decided.

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Thanks @Chirag Glad to know its in roadmap.