Ability to Link Timeline Activities

  • 21 August 2019
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Users can create Timeline Activities through an Objective CTA, but if they create an activity in a C360 page or on the global Timeline tab, they aren't able to link them to an objective. It would be nice to be able to link a timeline entry to an Objective if the entry was created outside of the Objective CTA. Currently users have to re-create the entry if they want to move the entry from the C360/global Timeline tab and associate it with an Objective CTA.

6 replies

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I agree with the use-case. This capability is on our roadmap is planned in medium term.


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I would like to see that option as well.  When I forward an email from Outlook to my Gainsight timeline, there is no way to attach it to an Objective within a CTA.

This would be a great option - seamless forwarding of emails to Gainsight is great but the ability to direct them to appropriate Objectives within a CTA (and not just timeline) will help with overall organization and customer journey

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@nitisha_rathi  - would love this! Is there an update on this?

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This kind of flexibility would be really useful! 

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The other link that would be good is to link an existing timeline activity with the CSM Sentiment in the Health Scorecard.  Sometimes while in a meeting with a customer and the CSM is taking notes in a timeline activity, they discover something that will change the sentiment score.  Now they have to copy the notes section, go into the Scorecard, change the sentiment and create the activity in there for the explanation to make sense.