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Ability to include CTA's in Timeline view.

  • 8 February 2019
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At some point in the future it might be nice to have the ability to create a custom view to include CTA's and Timeline in the same view. It would allow you to update CTA's and timeline entries at the same time.

4 replies

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Hi Anderw,

Thanks for sharing this. Is it about creating a view in timeline to view all the entries that have been made from a CTA? Could you provide some more details on this?

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Nope. It's a customer's ask and they'd like to have the ability to create a view that includes the timeline entries and the CTA's for an account on one page. They'd like to be able create/CTA's and create/edit Timeline entries.

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Hi Andrew,

One of the concepts that we've had on the roadmap for a while is the idea of a CSM Home screen that would be comprised of customizable content from various parts of Gainsight. So for example, it might include a global timeline view, some selected reports, a view of cockpit, etc.

Does this sound like something that would meet your use case request?

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@andrew_biehle Did you get a chance to view the comments by @dan_ahrens