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Ability to have a Parent Task within Success Plans

  • 14 June 2018
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Our use case is specific to adding sub tasks within the Success Plans.  Today we have a Success Plan created but need a way to have a mor granular view within the the Objective.  So the request is to have the ability to add a sub -task to the Task within a specific Objective.  This will allow our CSMs to call out the specific action the they are taking with a customer product, for example.  This should also show within the Gannt chart as a sub component to the task.

6 replies

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+1 for this. Add the notion of a Parent Task when creating Playbooks (this would span across all CTA types not just Objective CTAs within Success Plans), allowing for nesting Tasks and creating "Sub-Tasks".
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How many levels do you feel would be needed?

Right now within a success plan we have:
  • Success Plan[list]
  • Objective[list]
  • Task
[/list][/list]Would a fourth layer be enough or do you see the need to go beyond that? 

Also, if the business need represented here is to outline to the CSM the specific actions that need to be taken to complete that task, could those steps be delineated in the Description of that task? See example below:

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Hi Dan
Yes only  4th level is required and think of it as a sub task to the task so adding that level 4 is correct. Also we would need the ability to see it on the Gannt chart at 4 levels, hope that makes sense.  Please let me know if you need more details.
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Plus one for the sub-task idea!

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And another +1 for the sub-task request :)

+one for this one
In my view there are no 4 layers here but 3- success plan (list )is not a layer, its the actual plan, i can not use this is a layer. So Gainsight only have 2 layers and the third one is missing and for Armis its important. thanks