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Ability to have 3 or 4 containers across a dashboard, rather than just 2

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Currently, Gainsight dashboards only allow you to scale containers to 50% width and fit two containers across a dashboard.  I would like the ability to scale down the width to 25% and possibly fit four containers and reports across a dashboard.  I have some very basic, but useful pie charts that would have no trouble fitting four next to each other.  Instead, I just have a lot of unused white space.

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Even 1/3's would be helpful to reduce the amount of scrolling needed to get a snapshot. 
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Good suggestion. In next release, we are providing summary widgets which essentially highlight a single metric. For these summary widget the width is 25%. Next we can look to fit other report types into this 25% width container, but will need to make sure we handle rendering in this limited width.