Ability to group CTAs by Priority or Reason in the cockpit

  • 19 March 2015
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Our CSM team frequently asks to be able to group the CTAs by reason or priority. Currently the first is impossible and the latter is only available as a "sort" option. Moreover, they would like to see trends of CTAs opened by reason over time for all customers or by customer attributes (or per a particular customer). This will help them identify whether a specific customer has similar issues repeatedly, or whether this is a cross-organizational issue and a process needs to be fixed. Therefore, built in operational dashboards that show CTA trends would be great.

4 replies

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Thanks for this - good stuff!
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The ability to Group CTAs by reason or priority will be available in or before the June 2015 release.

The other idea regarding an operation report with CTA trends is under review.
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Our CSM team is looking forward to being able to group CTAs by reason code. Thank you!! 
I think the better way to handle is to have - Predefined and Configurable CTA Views.