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Ability to filter on "Other Users" for Custom Fields in Reports

  • 1 February 2018
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My organization currently has a need to filter on "Other Users" on custom fields in reports. I was told only Standard Objects can be filtered by All Users, Current User and Other Users. The custom fields are only All Users and Current User. 

Our use case is on the My Customer Health report. We use a CSM and CSE field. Managers of CSE's would like to easily enter their employees to view their accounts and health scores associated with them. 

Any feedback or workarounds are welcome!


5 replies

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Hi Joe - do you use the Company and User objects in MDA?

You should be able to create a GSID field in the Company object for your CSE which looks up to the User::GSID field

then map it in Gainsight Connect so that the Company::CSE is loaded with the SFDC ID of the CSE from the Account record:

(That step is just so you can map the CSE for each account to each Company record)

Then provided you have loaded your User table in MDA with the appropriate users, you can add a filter to your dashboard, using the SFDC User ID for the CSE

THen you can search for Other User

This allows you to actually search the entire User table even people who are not CSEs will show up in the Other User list.  I haven't figured out how to restrict this to the specific individuals I want displayed in the search.

 Don't know if this meets your use case or not.   Hope it helps.
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Very nice explanation, Jeff! Thanks for posting the step by step instructions.
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Thank you for the response Jeff! I've also gotten that far with the steps you provided above. I am currently trying to figure how to get the report to only show the employees you want to filter on. It continues to show other CSMs/CSEs depending on what I use for a filter.
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I have the same use case where I created a scorecard report off of Scorecard Fact that the CSM's can use on a dashboard to see their customer scores, however, when I use the "CSM" filter on the Company object, it only lets you select "current user" or "all users" whereas if this report was on another object, the user filter would let you select "other user". It would be especially helpful for the CSM managers if they were able to filter by "other user" to see their individual reps data.
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Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of Gainsight SFDC v6.5 release. You can find the relevant information in our Gainsight SFDC v6.5 Release Notes.

Due to this enhancement, the 'How to Build Basic Reports' article is updated.

Thanks for posting!