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Ability to Filter CTA Reasons on CTA Type

  • 2 July 2021
  • 5 replies

When selecting a CTA type (ex: Risk) it would be amazing to be able to see a filtered list based on that CTA Type. This would allow for a better user experience and allow for more robust reporting.

5 replies

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Isn’t this already possible from the Call to Action Configuration section in Administration?



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@justinduffell This is already possible today. CTA reasons defined for a particular CTA type will appear only for those CTA types. Reasons under Select CTA Type: “All” will appear across all CTA types.

Thanks All! We determined it was an implementation issue and we were able to sort it out and implement the filtering of the CTA Types.

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Curious on this, as we just figured out that we had the same implementation issue (I assume it comes this way OOB).  If we already have CTA’s created using some of the current CTA Reasons, can we delete and re-add the reasons into their particular CTA Type, or do we have to have all of the CSM’s do something before we can delete them/make them inactive?  I’m seeing that the current CTA Type can not be changed for the reasons.  Thanks!

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@sriram pasupathi any alternates here?