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Ability to create a CTA when a field in SFDC changes from one value to another

  • 18 March 2015
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It would be very helpful to create business rules (and CTAs) when:

1) A field in SFDC is being populated (from Null to any value)
2) A field has changed from value X to value Y (for example a support case moved from P1 to "escalated to R&D")

8 replies

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This is challenging because the historical value X is not stored in the SFDC object. If we enable the history tracking feature in SFDC, it does not fit with Rules Engine architecture. 

This is one of the important request from multiple customers.

Will keep this thread posted on the updates.
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that would be a very interesting/helpful function
we have been able to work around this by creating CTAs, milestones, and updating scorecards in Gainsight using our Real time product
what is your "Real time product" ?
I can see using Salesforce Workflow Rules or Process Builder to manually create simple Gainsight records (e.g., Milestones), but firing off CTAs using playbooks would be more difficult.
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We have a use case that fits this requirement. Our Customer Service reps need a mechanism to alert the Account Manager that the customer requires a follow-up, typically for an up sell of sometime. Currently they send emails or Chatter to the AM, but those go into a black hole and there is no tracking. We need a way for the Customer Service Rep to create a CTA.

A simple implementation is a field on Case that then causes a CTA to be created either via workflow rule (can't do this today) or Rule (would rather not wait until the rule runs the next time). The other alternative I can think of is a button on the case, with code that displays a CTA Creation Dialog box.

Any other ideas? Is enabling CTA creation from the Salesforce UI on the roadmap?
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Forgive me if I've missed it, but is there an answer to this use case? I have the same need (i.e. Company Type changed from Prospect to Customer).

This is tagged with a workaround, but I'm not seeing it. This was 4 years ago...has there been any progress?

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Hi Scott,

Could you share some details of the downstream process you want to build . If the process is to create a CTA (eg: When a customer type changes from prospect → customer create a CTA. And this should be created only once in the lifetime of the custokmer) you can do that today via rules engine. 

If not, one approach would be to create another field on the company object to store the “old/previous type” value. So whenever the type of the company changes you will have the current type & what was it changed from. And within rules engine, you can do a comparison to check whether these 2 values are different (which will give you an indication that the type of the company has changed).

Let me know if that helps