Ability to copy and paste in Customers Tab

  • 30 April 2015
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It would be very helpful if users could copy and paste information from the Customers Tab.  We have a database outside of Salesforce and our users sometimes need to copy and paste a customer number in order to look up information.  The Customers Tab does not allow them to copy and paste thus requiring them to hand type in the customer number.  

4 replies

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Is this something where an ability to construct a URL that they could hyperlink from would be possible, e.g. concatenate the URL with the customer number to get into their other application?
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That might work.  How would I do that?  Thanks!
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This is Fixed in 4.28. Now you can copy and paste  text in Customers and Engagement too... Thanks!!
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Gainsight will be updated to Version 4.28 on June 18th. This fix will be available after upgrade.