Ability to Clone CTA

  • 17 January 2017
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It would be helpful to have the ability to clone CTAs. For example, on our team each CSM manually creates CTAs so that we have visibility into when customers are launching various modules and when we have blackout dates aligned with new product release. It would be great to be able to clone a CTA so that we are not manually inputting the same information with each CTA creation.

7 replies

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I would add that having the ability to view what is being cloned in a report would also be helpful. This will help our admins determine if it makes sense to create automation around the CTA creation or the need for a playbook.  
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Thanks for the interesting ideas, makes sense. We will add them in the roadmap.

Along with cloning CTAs, I believe it would also be helpful to have the ability to clone tasks for placement either within the same CTA or a different CTA.
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+1 on this feature request. 
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Agree this would be helpful.
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+1 on this from me and another +15 from our CSM's ! I just posted the same request on their behalf several minutes ago.

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