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I have a customer who uses a report built off of a custom object in SFDC that is embedded as a section on the R360 page.  The ideal behavior is that it would auto-sort in descending order off of the date field of this report.  However, there isn't a way to do this (if I put date first on the report it will sort in ascending order which we don't want). 

I tried to utilize the ranking feature, however it's ranking it alphabetically as opposed to date-driven.  Is there any talk of allowing a source report to be sorted then saved and have this preference carry over to the 360 section?

The use case is that some CSMs as they are getting more familiar with GS are thinking that we are not pulling in their tasks as the sort shows the oldest one first as opposed to the preferred sort noted above.

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Any updates on these items?

It would be greatly beneficial for us if we could:
1) Define which column to sort on and which direction (ascending or descending) at the report builder level.
2) Have Andrew's suggestion implemented so we could define label sort order, as well.
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Is there an update on this? 
We also need this!
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+1 to this request! This would help in a few reports we have set up for our CSMs. Would be great to have an option in the report builder that lets the admin pre-select whether or not it sorts in ascending or descending order.

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One of the most upvoted items on Community. Is this coming soon???

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Any update on this? I have a lot of CSM’s asking for this.

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Yes we have handled this one in the horizon reporting. In the ranking setting if you do not add a limit it will sort by default. If its a table, you can click on any column and save the report, we remember the sort order. 

Let me know any thoughts on this one!