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Ability to adjust weights at measure group level

  • 17 September 2019
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We've noticed that weights for measure groups are becoming skewed when clients don't license a certain product, etc. and the measure is NA. The weights are redistributed when we actually still want Adoption, Engagement, etc. to retain certain weights even if/especially if a certain measure is NA or 0. Are there plans to add this functionality in a future release?

4 replies

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This is a good use case callout, Anastassia.

@shantan_reddy - any recommendations on this one?

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Hi @ana_g,

This is something we want to work on in the next quarter. Thanks for the call-out!

Would it be possible for us to have a call regarding this, so I can get a better understanding of your use-case?


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Hi @shantan_reddy @dan_ahrens , would be happy to jump on a call next Friday if possible. Are you available between 1:30-3pm EST? Please add my manager Jackie on any communications.

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