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Ability to adjust the content which exporting the Dashboard as PPT

  • 14 June 2019
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Hi There,

One of the customer is facing an issue where on the dashboard page it shows full Legend list which is 10 but when exported it shows 8, due to size of PPT . Can be have the abilty atleast to pull the data which is shown on the dashboard?

5 replies

I have this issue as well while using the Success Snapshots 2.0. The legend is then always cut off. You can also have a look at ticket 87393.


Is there any update on this one? It’s really a drawback for us. @shiv_kumar_katiyar 

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@chris_h Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience here. I have redirected this to our product team. 

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Hi @chris_h  and @shiv_kumar_katiyar  


How would you rather it be? Would you prefer a chart with legends in lower font size? 


There will always be a scenario where we will have more legends than what we can fit in a single view. In a dynamic UI, we can see more by clicking the down arrow but in a static UI, we cant. 


Hi @rakesh,

thanks for reaching out!

Yes, it would be nice if the legend would be way smaller. Or there is a second picture for the whole legend so that I can resize it as ever needed.