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Ability to add rich formatting in Gainsight text (CTAs, tasks, descriptions, etc.)

  • 1 September 2016
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On behalf of a customer - it would be great to be able to have rich formatting available in Gainsight. Bolding, underlining, coloring, type face, indenting, bullets, etc-- things that will make playbook tasks jump out or link to additional materials. Currently, this can be done in a text app and then copied and pasted in. But it does not translate well and it looks poor aesthetically (haphazard).


32 replies

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@aditya_marla this is available in manual task creation and playbook creation, however it is not available in JO. Is there an ETA on when rich text will be available in the Create CTA function within Programs?

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When will rich text be available in GS SFDC version?

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When will rich text be available in GS SFDC version?

@andorfuhrer SFDC rich text is not in our road-map for now. I will once again conform with the product on this. Thanks for brining this up.

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Also would like to be able to do this for CTA’s created via rules engine and programs

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@kelly @HollySimmons We don’t have any immediate plans to have that capability in JO. We will try to resolve this rules engine since rules engine CTA action revamp in planned in our roadmap in next 2-3 quarters.

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This is yet a major pain point in GS building playbooks for me. I have spent a lot of time going back and forth trying to fix the task description within playbooks without luck. I will often copy/paste the text be each playbook into notepad before building in a GS playbook.

When manually typing task description there is not an issue with formatting with me, but this is not my typical workflow to build playbooks. I will first build playbooks in excel to visualize everything that needs built prior to bringing it into GS as a playbook. My workflow today is to build the playbook in excel, copy/paste everything one at a time into notepad, and then bring it into Gainsight. It’s an extra step that shouldn’t be needed, but the formatting issue is a major pain point yet and we are currently using NXT.


If anyone has found a better way of building playbook adding task descriptions without the formatting issue in NXT I’d love to hear what you’re doing.


Thank you!

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@sriram pasupathi for latest on this thread