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Ability to add multiple fields from Company MDA under "Relationship" Layout on "Objective" CTA Type

  • 15 October 2021
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Hello Team,

We are facing an issue in adding the "Company ID" field from "Relationship" MDA on the Layout for "Relationship" under "Objective" CTA Type. The Company ID field is graded out. Please refer to the attached video for complete details.Sample Video of the issue

4 replies

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Hello @kumaranbcak, thank you for posting on Community and apologies for the issue you’re facing. Passing this post to our Product Manager to be looked into and get back to you at the earliest.

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@kumaranbcak This should work. Can you please log a support ticket so that our team can connect and figure out a solution?

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@sriram pasupathi  - Thanks for responding. Yeah, a support ticket has already been raised and the Gainsight support team confirmed that I can have only one field at a time from Company MDA and they it is a system design to avoid duplication. I don’t think think that this logic is correct or reasonable. 


The ticket number is 


CTA Setup - CompanyID Not visible in Relationship CTA Layout


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@kumaranbcak Yes, This is a restriction we have in the system today. We don’t have an immediate solution as this needs change in the system design. But I have added this to our tech backlog for evaluation. Thank you.