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Ability to Add JO Summary to C360

  • 14 October 2021
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I’m not sure if this is posted somewhere, or I just had a dream.  Cause, that’s normal.  But it would be amazing if there was a C360 option for JO.  


Use Case:

A CSM is able to view the Company’s C360, and among viewing Scorecard 2.0, Person, Survey, etc.  They could view JO’s that went out to the customer and view their ‘summary’ information.  Such as when/if they opened it - and when.  [Right now, I understand you can build a report (it’s what we do) but it would be nice to have the updated UI to match the other areas].


Thank you!  If this is posted somewhere, could someone link so I can like?

1 reply

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Hey @sagan_sherlin, thanks for posting on Community. Sounds like a great idea, forwarding this to the Product team to look into and circle back with their thoughts on the same.