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Ability To Add/Customize Status

  • 26 July 2017
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I have a request to be able to add additional "status" options to Gainsight. Currently these are system defined without the ability add more. Customer would like to be able to customize this. 

5 replies

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+1.  Would be great if we could add another status like At Risk.
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+1 for this as well. Our unique business model results in us having 'customers' that we would like to manage but they are not actually a paying customer. We are currently using the inactive status to prevent these customers from falling into our active customer reports but it doesn't do those customers justice because we do engage with them regularly. 
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We are looking at adding a second product/customer base to Gainsight that faces this exact challenge. Would love to hear any pointers or pro tips before we import them into the system!
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We are having an additional use case for this as well. We have customers that use a service we offer for a one time fee. These customers will often use that service multiple times. Our main use is that we would add them to Gainsight for CoPilot communications only. They do not fall into our regular customer base so we would not want them included in our 'Active' customer count since their revenue is not recurring. Here is an example of how we would want our customer status option to look like: 
  • Current Customer (Active)
  • Previous Customer (Churn)
  • Tester (One-Time Fee Customers)

Our business model is based on SaaS subscriptions with different subscription types. The big miss here are Net Revenue Retention developments in value because of up- and downgrades between subscriptions. We typically use status to monitor NRR MoM, QoQ and YoY. To do so, we have the following statuses;

  • NULL (freemiums)
  • existing (Active)
  • Churn (Churn)
  • Churn-unofficial (customers that have hit the button to deactivate their subscription, but are still within their paid subscription term, so pending churn)
  • Upgrade (increase in MRR)
  • Downgrade (decrease in MRR, but still on a paid plan)

As the statuses are predefined and non-customisable, I am curious to learn how other users maybe already handle such logics within Gainsight.