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Ability to add a new line in concatenate function

  • 7 April 2020
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We have a customer using the text “Concat” function in the Rule Transformations. But unable to introduce a new line character between the fields. They want to display each field in a different line. We have tried to implement by setting the \n & “\n” in between fields of contact function but that deosn’t worked out.

9 replies

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@SKondreddy  is the target field a Rich Text field?

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@SKondreddy need your inputs here.

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Yes @rakesh. The target field it the Rich Text field

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I was actually just looking into this today. This would be useful for our Org as well.

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+1 to this idea!


We are looking to concatenate multiple pieces of data when pushing to the notes section of a Milestone, and currently the data is a bit hard to read. My use case could also be resolved if I was able to create and push data to custom fields on the Milestone activities when using the rules engine.

Prior to Gainsight, our CSMs added timestamped health score notes to a rich text field in Salesforce. Our AM team would like to retain this historical record of health score in Salesforce but as of right now, I don’t see the ability to add line breaks so that we can separate dated updates. 

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@rakesh, any clarity we can share? 

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@rakesh Any update on this one? 

This would also be useful for our organization