Ability to add a free-text notes section in dashboards

  • 11 June 2020
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Can we enable the ability to add free-text notes is available on the dashboards much like the notes in C360 Summary section?


When adding and configuring the various reports in dashboard, we have observed that we needed this notes to add context, outliers about certain reports/widgets.

9 replies

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This sounds like an enhancement for a CS Dashboard (not PX) but yes I agree! I think this will be planned for Reports & Dashboards redesign.

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Hi @sarthaksubudhi 

We are currently working on the horizon version of reporting. As part of the new dashboard building experience, we are providing a rich-text widget. Using this you can add any text or section headers to the dashboards. 



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Thanks for the update @rakesh. Any timeline on launch/deployment of this feature?

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Thanks for the update @rakesh. Any timeline on launch/deployment of this feature?

@sarthaksubudhi most probably within the next  quarter! Happy Posting!!

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Just +1ing this because it would be huge for us. Our use case: Execs who are not in Gainsight every day will need context on how to read a health report. Specifically, they should be able to see the logic of scores, when the scoring happens, what data is factored etc. While we can create supplemental material, writing it directly on the dashboard is the most efficient way to display that information. 

Hello - do we know if this was rolled out yet into production? I see the comment posted around 11 months ago stating most likely this would be released within next quarter so wanted to check - thanks!

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Hi @josephcrawford 

We have started the rollout of Horizon Analytics in a phase wise manner. A few of our customers are on horizon reporting and every week, we open this to more customers. Watch out for the mail from Gainsight when we turn this on for you or reach out to your CSM for more details.

@rakesh Has this been rolled out to all customers? Where can we find this in production?

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Yes @chiggitt 

Horizon Analytics as been rolled out to all customers (99+%). In Dashboard Builder, you can find it in Rich Text widget.