Ability to add a Calculated Field off 2 other Calculated Fields

  • 21 May 2016
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Looks like calculated fields are limited to numeric field type that are fed from rules engine or outside data sources, not other calculated fields. I'd like to be able to calculate fields off other calculated fields. 

Workaround is to create another table, create rule to map that data to new table, then calculate new fields. Not great... 😞

1 reply

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Hi Connor:

Agree with you on the this request here.  Definitely seems valuable, and I'll let product respond in terms of plans/roadmap if it has already been considered or planned.

One small point is that you could write the formula return value to the same table you're on in a new field as opposed to making a new table.  I know this still isn't ideal, but it at least gets you away from having to make new tables.