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Ability for admins to delete/view timeline activity drafts across all accounts.

  • 20 July 2018
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If an org reaches their maximum draft count it would be helpful for an admin to have the ability to write a report that would show them what account has the drafts and what users are creating them so they can delete them en mass to clear some space.

4 replies

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I'll upvote this and also add that a mechanism for an admin to remove the drafts from other users would also be helpful as currently the only person who can see drafts is the person who created them. If CSMs leave the company or the department, it can leave a lot of orphaned timeline drafts that are just consuming capacity. 
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I'm envisioning something akin to our CTA MassEdit tool for this function, that way admins can not only delete the drafts en masse, but also filter to pick and choose what drafts they delete.

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I would like visibility into drafts made by CSMs in order to help troubleshoot when Email to Timeline isn't logging to the account

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Hi Andrew, We have considered you request in 6.4 release.

Gainsight now allows you to delete multiple drafts simultaneously. A check box has been introduced for each draft to accomplish this task.

To mass delete drafts:

Select the check box for the required draft(s)

Click the delete icon.

Please follow this article for more information.

Thanks for posting!