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A Bank of Survey Questions to Pull from to Create Surveys

We want to give our team the ability to create their own surveys for the customer but currently they would have to create a new question that can't be tracked at an aggregate level and could be very similiar to 20 other questions that 20 other CSM created. I'd love the ability to create a master question bank the CSM's could pull questions from to populate the surveys, but give us a roll up of data at an aggregate level. Then we can also do quality checks on the questions that are going out to customers prior to them being sent. Does this exist or is this on the roadmap?

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Hi Renee,
I would welcome the chance to talk with you more about the survey process you are planning. There are a lot of benefits to having consistency across surveys, so that you can create benchmarks, monitor trends and design reports that show results on all or similar customers. Also, so you can create CTAs to act on the results, with Playbooks of corresponding best practice tasks, depending on the responses. 

That said, there are some options as a workaround for allowing a pick-list, of sorts, if you determine it is best to allow CSMs to manage and send individual surveys. 

1) They can pick surveys from the Gainsight Vault which have pre-populated questions on the topic(s) they are targeting for feedback, then download and customize those. That saves time over working from scratch.

2) The other option is to create one big template survey with all questions they will be permitted to use (which I'd recommend for consistency's sake). Then each person can clone that survey and delete any questions they don't want and add any new ones. Agains, that definitely saves times over creating a brand new ones each time.

Let's talk about this topic during the next implementation call!

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with Library questions in place, this can be achieved.