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Templates for specific Timeline activities

  • 7 December 2016
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This capability should be available in next 3-6months.



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Onsite with a customer doing training and all of the CSMs in the room are pushing for this.

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We would also like to add a template for meeting notes when gathering requirements from clients. A template would make that process smoother.

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This would be a huge value add and would make adoption much easier for us admins. Timeline provides a way better user experience than SFDC, but right now I'm trying to get my CSMs out of other note taking software like Dropbox paper, Evernote, etc.

They typically start there because they can create an agenda using a template, share the agenda, and take notes within the same doc.

Templates would be the first step and I could see it really driving our adoption. This would also help us train our newer CSMs on how to run effective meetings, etc.

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@jpmehlhaff thanks for using the Timeline featuer and I can see how important the template feature is for you, we have added this to our product road-map, will update you once this is pushed to release.

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Dear Gainsight:


Is this still on the roadmap? and can you elaborate on what’s being planned and when?



+1 to use for Implementation Handoffs so our team has an outline to fill out before handing off information to the Account Managers

+1 to use for Implementation Handoffs so our team has an outline to fill out before handing off information to the Account Managers. If this feature was built we’d use it for every timeline type we have.

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@sai_ram: Still hoping to get an answer from GS on templates for specific timeline activities. Is this still on the roadmap? If no, do you have an estimated time?



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Zendesk does this really well with Macros. When you are logging a ticket you can load in a macro that has pre-defined uses.

e.g fill in the notes with a template

This would be epic for Timeline to get really great detail on the events that happen on a regular cadence and we could even include Macros for filling in the duration etc for repeat events


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Is this on the roadmap?  Seems like it was at one point but customers are pushing for this to be released.

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@lane_h  - this is a request that would really help us with adoption.

We had a team meeting today and we were wondering about this too. Seems like it’s already on the radar. We’ve determined that from our experience that there are some predictable call structures to types of calls where we can create templates for those meeting types. It would help us a long way to be able to set templates for activity types and have custom fields.