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Run rules only when there is at-least one record as the result.

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We run rules more than once in a day and hence use scheduler. Sometimes we see records updated several times in the day and serves the purpose of the rule.

However there are some days where we have no activity and hence the resulting records are “zero” and it does not make sense for the rule to run.

If it runs for zero records, we also seem to be losing the history. Ideally having it run only when there is 1 or more records and tracking the results (pass or fail) would make sense.

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Hi @aparimala 


Can you share more details on what action you want the rule to run for? 

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@rakesh yes we have some rules where based on the time of the day the “record” results might be empty

In such cases if the rule run and logs this entry we are losing the execution history of real runs. Instead if we can isolate these runs from the ones where there was a real action AND allow for longer execution history (like last x successful actionable runs) only when records are 1 or more, it will be useful.