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Rules to update owner of CTAs

  • 13 February 2020
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It would be great to be able to create a rule to update the owner of a CTA. I can manually do this with CTA mass editor, so I feel like I should also be able to do this via an automatic rule.



  • CSM changes and the rule will update the owner to the new CSM
  • When the CTA fired, it was assigned to the default owner. At a later point a CSM is assigned to the account. The rule would update to the CSM now on the account

4 replies

Wondering if anyone has any advice on a work around to automate? 

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Hi @andreammelde @cellis :

Thanks for sharing this use-case. It is there on our roadmap to enhance rules to allow updating of CTA owners. For now the only way is to do it manually via the mass edit tool. I will keep you posted as and when we make any progress on this feature

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Is this still on the roadmap? It would be a huge time saver if we could just set up a rule to automatically reassign CTAs to the new CSM instead of having to use the mass edit tool. 

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@aditya_marla we’re going through a ton of account transitions and this has been the biggest outstanding pain point. Any word on timeline here?