Required CTA field on creation

  • 5 March 2020
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Right now you can mark a CTA field as mandatory for when you close but I got a request from a customer to have the requirement when you create a CTA manually. The use case is to have CSMs be required to enter or select a Product from a picklist when creating or updating of a CTA or Objective.

4 replies

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Hi Alex,

Thanks a lot for sharing this use-case. Are these mandatory fields required for all CTA types or only for specific ones? Also how would this work when updating a CTA? (Do you mean that these fields cannot be empty at any point of time?)



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@alex_legay please reply to @aditya_marla 

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I’ll defer to @lesliesmith to confirm the below.

It may be dependent on the type but I suppose giving the option to have it to for each type would be the most flexible.

In the specific scenario, I think it be always required even when updating the CTA.

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Got it….so basically the fields cannot be empty at any point of time