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Reports - Trending report Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly

  • 14 November 2019
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We have trending data in our MDA object, we need trending report by Monthly. When we create it by Daily it is coming correctly but when we change it to Monthly it is aggregating and showing sum of that value per Month.  But we need only plotting change by Monthly.  


We reached out to support (https://gainsight.zendesk.com/hc/requests/90990) currently the feature is not available so creating this enhancement request.  

4 replies

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Hi @spadamatinti  when you add a field to the “by” area, you are given options on how to aggregate the data in “show me”. If it’s a numerical value, you can choose “min, max, average, or sum”. If it’s a non-numerical, you can choose “count or count distinct”.


It sounds like you don’t want the sum to be your aggregation. Which aggregation were you attempting to use?

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Hi @spadamatinti , were you able to find the aggregation that you needed for your report?

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Hi @spadamatinti  - in conversation with our support team, it sounds like you are looking to take a set of data that is generated daily and then create a report that only shows the daily value for the first day of each month (not a monthly aggregation of all days in the month, but only the single day value for the first day). Is this correct?


If so , this can be solved with Gainsight’s new Data Designer tool which was released this month. Combining our bionic rule capabilities to fetch, transform, merge, and aggregate data, we are able to use that data and get a sample output that looks like this:



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@spadamatinti Please visit this post for data designer demo and here are the articles for more information, I hope this helps!!

Please let us know if you need any help here.